Lecture DLG-Forum kompakt: foreign body management

On November 28, 2017 Matthias Jeindl will give a lecture on „Modern foreign body dedection with Sherlock and its Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®)“. This Event takes place in Kassel. Please look at the picture for more information. We invite all interest customers to participate at this event.

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Insort presents something new at INC XXXVI World Congress on Nuts and Dried Fruits

Dear Friend,

We have our sights set on a truly persistent enemy with the best camouflage:
Rancid nuts – they spoil the appetite of millions of consumers worldwide.

So far, it has been impossible to reliably identify rancid nuts in advance. They keep sneaking into the production process. That's why we have tasked our team with developing adequate procedures to perform a thorough quality assessment in real time and to test this in practice.

We've done it! Sherlock and his team have cracked this difficult nut as well!
How?We will share this secret at the International Nut and Dried Fruit Congress in Chennai in 2017 and tell you how Sherlock Air uses Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®) inline and in real time to detect rancid nuts and to reliably eliminate them. We will reveal the details of our latest developments, and we look forward to welcoming you at the event.
For some initial details, visit: INC Chennai Innovation Awards.

INC XXXVI World Congress on Nuts and Dried Fruits
Chennai 2017
19 – 21 May 2017
INC XXXVI World Congress on Nuts and Dried Fruits
Booth no.: 10

One step ahead of the perpetrators!

Respectfully Yours,
Sherlock and the Insort Team

Keep yourself updated! Just visit Insort

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One defect which is common to all nuts is rancidity the process by which unsaturated fats hydrolyze or autoxidize into short-chain ketones or aldehydes which are objectionable in both smell and flavor. It is a problem which continues to plague all nuts, but particularly those nuts high in unsaturated fats, including walnuts, Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, and hazelnuts.

On top of outstanding capabilities in foreign material detection, Insort GmbH has now introduced a patent pending highly accurate method of detecting rancidity in nuts. Using Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®), the Insort Sherlock Air has been proven to detect walnut kernels from early stage to high level of rancidity. The operator may decide, up to which grade the machine should remove the kernels or if it should simply monitor the quality.

CIT® has the ability to determine the chemical composition of food inline and in real time by means of Near Infrared Spectroscopy. This enables making invisible defects for the human eye visible to the system and offers high potential for future developments and applications in the tree nut processing industry.

The technology is being used at GoldRiver Orchards, a walnut processor based in Escalon, California and INC member. “We were the first tree nut company in California to purchase the Sherlock Air, and we could not be more impressed with the accuracy and efficacy of the Insort technology”, said Don Barton, President of GoldRiver Orchards. “Before, we had no electronic or automated method of detecting this defect, so rancid walnut kernels had to be removed by hand. Now we have a very elegant solution, thanks to Insort. The Sherlock sees rancid kernels with an extremely high degree of accuracy, and has eliminated the need for our pack room inspectors to have to look for this defect any longer.”

Insort GmbH, which is also an INC member, is headquartered in Graz, Austria
and has sorter installations in Europe, Asia, and North America.

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Fruit Logistica 2017, Berlin

Dear Friend,

We are in the eleventh hour.
The enemies of the food industry are engaged in foul play:
well-camouflaged, they hide under the raw material.

Foreign matter (such as glass, plastic, wood, stone and metal etc.) intrinsic defects are a danger that should not be underestimated.

Because: when they strike, the damage is enormous, and product recalls are very costly.

However, thanks to our latest detection process using Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®)
we are able to reliably detect and reject foreign matter and intrinsic defects.
Rest assured: in the end, the good guys win!

And you can be there, too:

8, 9, 10 February / Hall 07.1b/ Stand B-06,
Fruit Logistica

Visit us and see for yourself!

We catch them all
Sherlock and the Insort Team

Keep yourself updated! Just visit we-catch-them-all

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Merry Christmas!


“Learn from yesterday,
live for today,
hope for tomorrow.
The important thing is not to stop questioning.“
Albert Einstein

Dear Friend,


We are now leaving another year behind us and we hope that you are able to look back on many happy, interesting and successful moments.

In this way, we would like to sincerly thank you for your trust and your cooperation and we wish you, your employees and relatives a very merry Christmas and good health, happiness and success going into the new year.

Sherlock and the Insort Team


Xmas 2016

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Insort GmbH awarded


TOP of Styria Award 2016 category "Innovation" goes to... Insort - We catch them all

Top of Styria 2016

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We-catch-them-all @Interpom 2016

We will find all crucial evidence: The investigative capabilities of the Sherlock Separator are unmatched regarding Food Safety, Foreign Object  and Defect Sorting and have proven their outstanding value for the potato industry numerous times. Visit us and see for yourself!

Meet us at booth 174 @Interpom 2016



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From Feldbach out into the world

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Cross-Border Operation


Slowly it gets around: Sherlock and the team are on the verge of carrying out an international operation.
Scened in Poland, Spain and Belgium.

Our operational control will familiarize you, on location with the unbeatable CIT Technology, the Safe-Guard Rejection System and the Peel Scanner.
We will battle foreign bodies.


Poland 25.9-29.9.2016: Polagra Tech 
Spain 23-24.11.2016: Empack Madrid 
Belgium 27-29.11.2016: Interpom

We are ready. They also?

We catch them all
Sherlock and the Insort Team

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Nomination - Austrian Innovation State Award "Econovius" 2016

We are proud to announce that we reveived the nomination for the national economy awared named "Econovius" which will be given to innovative small and medium-sized enterprises here in Austria. 

Nomination Econovius Award 2016

More information (unfortunately only in german) can be found under

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Chii 2016

CHII2016 is the first conference focusing on current and future hyperspectral developments for industrial applications. The aim is to bring together the main stakeholders in the field of hyperspectral imaging, to exchange knowledge and to plan for future collaboration projects. The conference is based on a unique concept featuring presentations, seminars, showcases and a brokerage event for pre-planned face-to-face meetings.

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Winner Fast Forward Award

We already received the “Fast Forward Award” for highly innovative technical solutions from the Styrian Business Promotion Agency back in 2011.
It was a great honour for us to receive this special Award only four years later a second time.

We were awarded for our “Sherlock Food Analyser”, which enables making invisible defects visible to the human eye and sets new standards in classifying and sorting in the food industry.
We would also like to congratulate all other awarded companies.

Please find enclosed a short film about Insort:

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News August

There was a radio report on Radio Steiermark on the 4th of August on air, here you can listen to it again:




Also the newspaper "Kleine Zeitung" and "Handelsblatt" wrote a report about us:



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"Sherlock Food Analyser" has been nominated for the "Fast Forward Award"

Dangerous objects and harmfull substances in our food? 
Our Sherlock Food Analyser discovers them all!

The good news: You can help as well to secure our world of food.

Please vote at the Fast Forward Award 2015 - CLICK HERE to VOTE.

True to our motto: "We catch them all."

Thank you!

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Born Global Champion

Dr. Christoph Leitl, DI Matthias Jeindl, Mag. Eva Jeindl-Gombocz, Dr. Harald Mahrer


On the 30th of June wurde Insort vom Präsidenten der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich, Dr. Christoph Leitl, und dem Staatssekretär des Bundesministeriums für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Wirtschaft, Dr. Harald Mahrer, mit dem Preis “Born Global Champion” ausgezeichnet.
Der Preis prämiert junge österreichische Unternehmen aus, die innovative Produkte und Dienstleistungen anbieten und international schnelles Wachstum zeigen.


Eine Übersicht über die Preisträger und mehr Informationen gibt es hier:

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News June

From 9. till 12. June Matthias Jeindl exhibit with our partner Correns at the Fooma in Japan.

He indroduce our technology and made new contacts.

We thank Correns for the perfect organisation and look forward to the next cooperation.



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Latest News April 2

The Team says "Thank you".

Our brand new Imagefolder comes fresh from the press, here you can get a preview:

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Press Sherlock Food Analyser

At the Anuga FoodTec trade fair from 24 to 27 March in Cologne, Insort presents the latest innovation in process monitoring for food production with its "Sherlock food analyser".


Thanks to its Chemical Imaging Technology, the "Sherlock food analyser" offers the possibility of quantitatively recording chemical product parameters in food production flows. This has the advantage that time-consuming quality inspections in the laboratory by way of sampling can be substituted with Sherlock's inline analytical capability. "Approx. 80,000 measuring points per second ensure high-precision analytical results in statistical terms, which can be used directly for classifying quality, controlling processes or sorting", Matthias Jeindl, the CEO of Insort explains. As the Chemical Imaging Technology has a sensory system based on spatial resolution, this function can also be used for very heterogeneous foodstuffs, for example in the measurement of a potato's dry matter (see image 1) – the water veins in the centre of the potato are clearly visible. Using this analytical data, the potato processing can be automatised, the quality and the yield can be increased considerably and both the raw, incoming goods and the end product before the goods issue can be reliably and objectively classified.


A comprehensive analytical instrument

The Peel Scanner function allows a cost reduction by regulating the steam peeling process of potatoes. The tried-and-tested method reduces peeling losses to a minimum. The length and width measurement enables the product dimensions to be precisely recorded – according to the requirements, various size categories can be defined and statistics can be evaluated as output. With the additionally available RGB camera, the colour defects and colour intensities of foodstuffs can be recorded inline, and both raw materials and end products can be classified.


Compared to other analytical instruments, the "Sherlock food analyser" is distinguished by an improved overview of the existing quality of the raw materials, thereby optimising the use of raw materials and reducing the raw-material costs.


The "Sherlock food analyser" is also available as an upgrade for the whole "Sherlock" product family.


Insort GmbH

The company was founded in 2011 as a joint venture of the two parent companies Infruits AG and EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbH. The synergy of Infruits' food technology competence and EVK's sensory technology competence is ideal for use in the food technology industry. Our customers are renowned companies in the food industry. There are already Insort plants in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Japan.

Photographic rights: Insort


Eva Jeindl-Gombocz

Berndorf 166, 8324 Kirchberg an der Raab, Austria

Tel: +43 3115 21 786

Fax: +43 3115 21 786 18


Insort-Team at the booth Award show of the Anuga FoodTec Award in gold Insort - booth

histogramm CEO with Sherlock FoodAnalyser

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International FoodTec Award 2015

Die Insort GmbH is a pricewinner at International FoodTec Award 2015!   


DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft / German Agricultural Society) has announced the winners of the International FoodTec Awards. Here, companies from the international food industry and its suppliers are honoured for their commendable innovation projects.

The awards ceremony will take place in Cologne on 24 March 2015 as part of Anuga FoodTec – the international trade fair for the food and drink industry.

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Sherlock food analyzer


At the Interpom Primeur 2014, Insort presents an in-line and real-time quantitative chemical analysis for food processes, which is enabled by the new Sherlock food analyzer, for the first time.

  • ·         in-line quantitative chemometric analysis of, e.g., dry substance in foodstuffs;
  • ·         measurement of the product flow in real time;
  • ·         local resolution and thus suitability for such heterogeneous foodstuffs as potatoes;
  • ·         ideal conditions for automating processing processes or the classification of raw and final products

Read more at Sherlock +Analyst

or pay us a visit at Booth 117 at the Interpom Primeurs

Press release 19.11.2014

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News June

On June 16th, Insort’s “Sherlock” made what is invisible to the human eye visible

In the style of the English detective Sherlock Holmes, who lent the name to an innovative technology from Styria, the “villains” among foodstuffs are withdrawn from circulation. The novel classification and sorting process made by Insort Company creates quite a stir on an international scale. At an event organized on June 16, 2014, the company opened its production halls to 100 persons interested – including Dr. Christian Buchmann, Provincial Councillor for Economic Affairs.


Insort GmbH (Ltd.) develops systems for sorting and monitoring food product flows and accepted the special challenge of enabling the detection of what is invisible to the human eye. This is based on the chemical composition of the basic product. The first applications that have meanwhile been established in the field of potatoes are, among other things, used to detect and eject sugar ends.


Thanks to the further development of the technology, the Styrian company has already succeeded in entering the American and Japanese market. For example, Sherlock Air is used for objects that are particularly small, such as blueberries or mushrooms. The most recent platform of Insort GmbH (Ltd.), Sherlock Observer, does not only enable permanent in-line monitoring of the product flow for foreign materials, such as glass, plastics or stones, but also that for chemometric parameters.



(© Harry Fischer)

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News march

Fast Forward for you: Insort GmbH - intelligent selection

16/06/14, starting 17:00h, Insort GmbH (Berndorf 166, 8324 Kirchberg an der Raab)

The TECHforTASTE platform would be proud - accompanied by Provincial Minister of Economy Dr. Christian Buchmann - to announce as part of the SFG-event series "Fast Forward for you": On 16.06.2014 the open Insort GmbH the gates of their production hall.

The Insort GmbH was founded in 2011 as a joint venture between two parent companies Infruits AG and EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbH. The synergy of food technological competence of Infruits and the sensor technical competence of EVK can thus be optimally useful for the food industry. The company's goal is to develop highly innovative technologies in the classification and sorting of food and offer both system integrators and food companies tailor-made. The most recent development, the Chemical Imaging Technology, offers new and previously unimagined possibilities in quality assurance and process control in food processing.

Awards such as the Fast Forward Award 2011 and the International FoodTec Award 2012 impressively show the degree of innovation of Insort GmbH. And it relies completely on the expertise of the site: The value is almost 100% in Styria!

Write down the date today - more details to follow soon.

LOGIN >> or via email to (up to 12.6.)



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news December 2013 2


Again a year has gone by. We hope that you can look back upon many happy, interesting and successful moments.


We would like to cordially thank you for your confidence and our good collaboration and wish you some hours that are just as recreational as energizing and exciting.

Season’s Greetings and a Happy, Successful and Healthy Year 2014

Sherlock and the Insort Team


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Sherlock goes Chicago


Sherlock goes Chicago

Come and visit us at:


Process Expo, Chicago

03.11.2013 – 06.11.2013

booth 4360, northhall

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Milestone - Key Technology

With its Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT), Insort signed a strategic partnership with Key Technology, world market leader for state-of-the-art applications in the potato industry.    

July 25, 2013


The highly innovative Austrian company Insort GmbH  and its mother company EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbH have set an important milestone towards worldwide expansion of the “Sherlock Sorting Lines” and its “Chemical Imaging Technology” (CIT).

“Chemical  Imaging  Technology”  (CIT)  makes  it  possible  to  sort  and  classify  food  according  to  its chemical composition in real time on the basis of spectral analysis. Insort’s  “CIT”  has enabled Insort to become the worldwide technical leader in this segment. 
Insort and EVK have signed a worldwide license agreement with Key Technology for use of Chemical Imaging Technology  in proven Key solutions provided to the potato industry. Key Technology, based in the US, is worldwide market leader in the field  of digital sorting technology in the potato industry. In addition, a sales and service agreement has beensigned for purposes of distributing the Sherlock Sorting Lines “Separator” and “Observer” in North America and among select global corporate customers. 
"This is a classical win-win situation”, explains DI Matthias Jeindl, Insort’s General Manager. “Insort will be provided with a sales and service network for its Sherlock Sorting Lines for North America as well  as  global  corporate  customers.  Key  can  give  even  more  technological  lead  to  its  sorting  lines, which are highly developed even now, on a short-term basis. The industrial customer can benefit from Chemical  Imaging  Technology  throughout  the  potato  line  -  from  the  raw  unpeeled  potato  to  the ready cut processed product. At any rate, the customer will be the biggest winner.” 

As agreed, Insort will autonomously be in charge ofthe further development of the segment of overall potato sorting using “Sherlock Separator” and “Sherlock Observer” in terms of chemometric monitoring and sorting of foreign bodies. Key Technology will integrate and optimize “CIT” on the proven  Key belt sorters for cut potato products and the unique “ADR” (Automatic Defect Removal) in license cooperation with Insort. 

“Partnering with Insort and EVK will allow us to leverage CIT on new sorters and upgrades for Manta®, Tegra®, and Optyx® strip sorting systems and ADR® potato defect removal systems to deliver new value  to  our  strategic  partners  in  the  potato  industry,”  said  Louis  Vintro,  Senior  Vice  President  of Business Development and Global Operations at Key.  “On our ADR systems, CIT will enable making yield-maximizing decisions to remove only those defective portions of the potato strip as identified by the processor. By bringing Insort and Key togetherto pursue common goals, our customers get the best of both worlds – the most innovative new technology from an established global supplier.” 
If you wish more information on CIT, please visit Chemical Imaging Technolgy and
If you wish more information on Key Technology, please go to:
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latest news june

opening ceremony Berndorf 28.06.2013

Numerous visitors and business partners accepted our invitation and joined us at our opening ceremony, where they were able to take a closer look at our innovative sorting machines. The whole Insort team would like to thank all visitors for a very nice evening and a successful opening ceremony.

 M. Kerschhaggl, P. Kerschhaggl (beide EVK), M. Jeindl (Insort)





HERE you can find a report by "Kleine Zeitung" about our open ceremony.


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latest news may


On the 6th of May we have moved into our new production place in Berndorf, please have a look at the following picture, which give a little insight in our new "home":


In future you can contact us in Berndorf 166, 8324 Kirchberg an der Raab,

the new phone number is 0043 3115/ 21786.

Our extension and Mails are the same.

We´re very happy about our new place and would be honored if you like to visit.

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Latest news October


The Company Insort GmbH is part of the Interpom Primeurs 2012. We would be pleaed to welcome you to our booth

You can find us in Hall 4, stand number: 496


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latest news march

International FoodTec Award 2012

The ceremony took place the International FoodTec Awards on 27 March 2012 at Anuga FoodTec, the international trade fair for food and beverage, Cologne. Prof. Achim Stiebing, Vice President of the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft / German Agricultural Society) handed over to the representatives of the winning company's gold and silver medals.

Manfred Gepp, Markus Zangl and Matthias Jeindl, Insort GmbH,with Prof. Achim Stiebing, DLG (from left to right)


The FoodTec Award in Gold go to eight innovations and the Silver medal was awarded to ten innovations. Among the award winners are companies from Sweden, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

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latest news march

At the National Award Gala the company Insort the nomination certificate was handed over ceremonially by Economy Minister Reinhold Mitterlehner.


from left to the right: Minister for Economic Affairs Reinhold Mitterlehner, WKÖ-vice president Martha Schultz, Managing Director Insort Matthias Jeindl, AWS Managing Director DI. Bernhard Sagmeister

ECONOVIUS 2012, Insort – Sherlock Separator Video

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Latest news February
FoodTec-Medaille_up_silber_2012 small.jpg

The Insort GmbH is a prizewinner at International FoodTec Award 2012

DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft / German Agricultural Society) has announced the winners of the International FoodTec Awards. Here, companies from the international food industry and its suppliers are honoured for their commendable innovation projects.

The awards ceremony will take place in Cologne on 27 March 2012 as part of Anuga FoodTec – the international trade fair for the food and drink industry.

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Latest news January

Insort GmbH is nominated for the Nationalaward "Econovius"

The Styrian company insort GmbH has been nominated under the State Innovation Award 2012 in the category Econovius. The Econovius will be awarded to the most innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the award ceremony will be held on 22 March 2012.

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Latest news January


The Company Insort GmbH is part of the Anuga FoodTec 2012. We would be pleaed to welcome you to our booth

You can fin us in Hall 10.1 corridor E, stand number: 075


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Latest news December

The company insort is pleased to present you the new advertising campaign:


From now on, all our machines are grouped under the brand name "Sherlock".


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latest news september

The Insort GmbH is the winner of the "Fast Forward Award" 2011.


The prize of Styria for ingenious inventions

The Fast Forward Award is the economic prize of Styria, which award the most innovative Styrian companies.

On 14 September, at MUMUTH (house of music and musical theater), the final of the Fast Forward Award 2011 took place.
The Insort GmbH took part as one of 123 companies in this competition and was chosen as the winner in the category of small companies.

In addition, the company Insort GmbH was nominated for the "Econovius" the special prize of the "Austrian State Prize for Innovation".

from left to right: Burghard Kaltenbeck, LR Buchmann, Peter Kerschhaggl, Matthias Jeindl, Karin Schaupp, Gregor Witthalm

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latest news march

Due to successful cooperation of Infruits AG and EVK in special sorting solutions for the food industry, both parties decided to join forces under the new daughter company Insort GmbH.

The company "Insort GmbH" was founded and registered on 24th of March 2011.

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